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33. Встреча – Москва: Ул. Кузнецкий Мост / Kuzneckij Most street

Dienstag, Oktober 16th, 2012

Klapp auf KSC-MSK! Our happy getting-together will not enter into carneval-season but having its regular 33rd meeting. This week in the lovely city center, close to elite shopping malls and intelligent agencies. You never know – Moscow is rich of extremes! So, seeing you at ul. Kuzneckij Most, exact location see Geotag below (M Kuzneckij Most/Ljubjanka). Dress warm, bring hot tea or so (it should be warmer than last week – so keep an optimistic mood ( ))

Nummer 33
Datum 17.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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31. Встреча Москвы: Театральная пл./Teatral’naja Sq.

Sonntag, September 30th, 2012

Dear Friends of KSC-Moscow! Welcome to the 2nd season of Folding-Chair-Club in Moscow! We start into this awesome autumn under the eyes of Mr. Marx, gazing across the quiet 10-laned Teatral’nij Proezd to Bol’shoi Teatr. Nearby is the famous Hotel Metropol, in our back Revolutions Square. If temperatures or weather need a warm-up, a beautiful&cheap beer-bar nearby is an option. Looking forward seeing you on your wheel/äh folding-chair) (and please NO German flag, just because it’s 3rd of Oct.))

Nummer 31
Datum 03.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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