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33. Встреча – Москва: Ул. Кузнецкий Мост / Kuzneckij Most street

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Klapp auf KSC-MSK! Our happy getting-together will not enter into carneval-season but having its regular 33rd meeting. This week in the lovely city center, close to elite shopping malls and intelligent agencies. You never know – Moscow is rich of extremes! So, seeing you at ul. Kuzneckij Most, exact location see Geotag below (M Kuzneckij Most/Ljubjanka). Dress warm, bring hot tea or so (it should be warmer than last week – so keep an optimistic mood ( ))

Nummer 33
Datum 17.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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32. Встреча – Москва: ИТАР-ТАСС и Консерватория им. Чайковского / Itar-Tass & Konservatorium

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Had an interesting, but quite cold (5 degrees) meeting at Itar-Tass, the big Russian state-owned newsagency since 1904. As a new habit, we moved after some while to the nearby Konservatorium, THE fabric for classical music. Heard an interesting presentation about the history of the Konservatorija, its role in the revolution, famous persons and todays situation. CU next week

Nummer 32
Datum 10.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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31. Встреча Москвы: Театральная пл./Teatral’naja Sq.

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Dear Friends of KSC-Moscow! Welcome to the 2nd season of Folding-Chair-Club in Moscow! We start into this awesome autumn under the eyes of Mr. Marx, gazing across the quiet 10-laned Teatral’nij Proezd to Bol’shoi Teatr. Nearby is the famous Hotel Metropol, in our back Revolutions Square. If temperatures or weather need a warm-up, a beautiful&cheap beer-bar nearby is an option. Looking forward seeing you on your wheel/äh folding-chair) (and please NO German flag, just because it’s 3rd of Oct.))

Nummer 31
Datum 03.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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