3. Встреча Москва: Патриаршие пруды/Patriarch Ponds

A warm summer evening at this nice pond. Louis presented us in Russian!! the interesting history from the Sloboda to todays Kiez/Area.. The famous Alla Pugachjova lives in the newly build Patriachy-buidling, which looks like a huge screw, tip towards the sky. To complete the KSC-rules, we even moved this evening – and had a tasty Vodka! We have five new Presidents – all on nice folding chairs! )

Sorry, we did sit under trees. Otherwise KSC-Leipzig would have seen us  from Scherbelberg! )

Nummer 3
Datum 21.09.2011 21:00
Stadt Moskva

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Geotag: 55.763709,37.59334799999999

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