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45. Встреча – Москва: Дом художника

Dienstag, Januar 29th, 2013

Had a tasty and cosy meeting with a great view over the city. )) Cu next week.

Nummer 45
Datum 30.01.2013 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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44. Встреча – Москва: От суда к Грузинам / From Court to Georgians

Donnerstag, Januar 17th, 2013

44th KSC had been a very tasty and funny evening. The court-decision hat been again postponed (asking for witnesses) to the 28.1. and from this date again to the 31.1. So, at the 31.1. (remembering article 31 of the Russian constitition) we’ll see each other again in court. )) (There had been 5 more people at KSC this week. Will check, if they show up again, before registering them as Presidents..))

This weeks line-up had been: 1. 16.00: Crisse VS the corrupt system. Will they be able to press out 500-750 Euro from me, or can i defend myselfe in upholding the right to peacefully raise your voice in public. 2. 20.00 Lets have dinner at one of the best Georgian restaurants in town!
3. 21.00 First bottle of Vodka has to be empty! Why a Georgian restaurant after this Farce? 1. Very good cuisine, 2. fought corruption very effectively, today one of the safest countries in the world!

Nummer 44
Datum 23.01.2013 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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43. Встреча – Москва: Мемориал / Memorial

Montag, Januar 14th, 2013

Had a long and eventful first Klappstuhl-Meeting in 2013! At 16.00 some Klappers, who couldn’t wait until 21.00, attended the Farce in Mirovoj Sud. I could postpone the lawsuit for exactly one more week, then with lawyer & translator )) After some coffee in Zifferblat saw a good movie “The secret history of Archipel GULAG” (Film in Russian here: in Memorial with an interesting discussion concerning parallels of soviet past & present. The evening ended in Vokzal. Thanks & Klapp zu!

Nummer 43
Datum 16.01.2013 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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32. Встреча – Москва: ИТАР-ТАСС и Консерватория им. Чайковского / Itar-Tass & Konservatorium

Montag, Oktober 8th, 2012

Had an interesting, but quite cold (5 degrees) meeting at Itar-Tass, the big Russian state-owned newsagency since 1904. As a new habit, we moved after some while to the nearby Konservatorium, THE fabric for classical music. Heard an interesting presentation about the history of the Konservatorija, its role in the revolution, famous persons and todays situation. CU next week

Nummer 32
Datum 10.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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