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34. Встреча – Москва: пам. Окуджавы-Старый Арбат / Statue of Okudzhava at the Old Arbat

Donnerstag, Oktober 18th, 2012

This week at the statue of the famous soviet poet, musician, (Barde) Okudzhava. Enno informed us about the history of Old Arbat. After that we (again) walked around the private-house of Melnikov (, the Grandma of Polina let us in (at the website you can see Polina & the insight of the house on a video (“The Melnikov House, video at 2010″)). Jura, our new Klapper, did sing us some songs from Okudzhava. Later we moved to the memorial-wall of Victor Coj and heard some more live&unplugged songs from Jura. A happy-0-Degree-Greeting-Meeting with 10 Klappers!! )) see u next week!

Nummer 34
Datum 24.10.2012 21:00
Stadt Moscow

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8. Встреча Москва: Болотная Пл./Bolotnaja Square

Freitag, Oktober 21st, 2011

Nice Meeting!! )) Two times Milizia äh Polizia-Controle! Wanted to take one of our Klappers with them, for not having the proper copy of his passport. But in the end all 4 Poicemen where quite nice, we hadn’t had to pay for public drinking or any other (by law) possible harrassments (all of us had only copies of their passports..). The second controle appeared not that funny, three bears, older, fater and visibly armed with mashine-guns.. but after explaining to them, that their collegues checked us just 10 min. ago, they surprisingly drove away – lucky..

Had an informative presentation from Polina about the statue-group “Children – victims of adult vices” as well as “glint-wine” and chrismast-like cakes, suited well, at it had been really cold..

Nummer 8
Datum 26.10.2011 21:00
Stadt Moskva

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7. Встреча Москва: Памятник В. С. Высоцкому/ Memorial of Vladimir Vysotsky

Mittwoch, Oktober 12th, 2011

Moscow is getting colder. After one hour we moved into a bar.. ))

We continue our Tribute-Tour on famous Russian/Soviet Music-legends. This time: Vladimir Vysotsky. / Продолжение нашей прогулки об известных российских музыкантов. Сейчас – Владимир Высоцкий!! Meeting Point: Strastnoj Bulvar/Ul. Petrovka. Check out Geo-Tag. To prepare: Владимир Высоцкий – Песня о Друге <>

Nummer 7
Datum 19.10.2011 21:00
Stadt Moskva

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6. Встреча Москва: Старый Арбат у Стеной Цоя / Old Arbat Street at Tsoi Wall

Donnerstag, Oktober 6th, 2011

At the “Wall” in tribute to the well-known Russian rock-legend Viktor Tsoi we learned about the origin of this memorial. As we relocated, Polina told us about the house and studio of her relative and famous avant-garde architect K. S. Mel’nikov (Krivoarbatskij Per. 10). We even could walk around the 1929 2-cylindric house with its remarkable 6-sided windows. For details see here:Дом_Мельникова (At the middle of the page is a video. For German-speakers you can see&hear at 5:30min an expert-description of the building,historic value,todays difficulties and possible future. Polina can also be seen in the video – the young girl in between the elder people ;-) ).

Thanks to Leipzig for their KSC-Tour on “Russian-Roots”! )

Nummer 6
Datum 12.10.2011 21:00
Stadt Moskva

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